Meet Mr. Hoo’s Friends

Mr. Hoo and his friends would love to meet you. Drop in.

Mr. Hoo – Hi. I’m Mr. Hoo. I love adventure and I love my piggies. You may have noticed I am missing a tooth. I lost it at a sale. Don’t worry, it didn’t hurt much. But funny things like that always happen around me. I wonder why?

Mrs. Bumbleberry – Helloooo. Helloooo. How do you do? Are you hungry? I’ve just made some yummy cherry pies. Would you like a slice? Everybody loves my cherry pies. Just try it. I’m sure you will keep coming back for more.

Granny Micmic – Ah! Children. What beautiful minds you have. Tell me, what do you want that doesn’t exist yet? We’ll invent it together. Come on, exercise those brain and don’t be shy.

Mr. Cheery –phweeee phweeephweeet phweeeee weeeet Hey-a! Aloha! Can you say hello with a whistle? Give it a try, it’s really easy. Just make an O with your mouth and blow. Good job. Whistle you later

Mr. Tooks – Oh my mymy! Am I late? Or are you early? Oh nevermind, you’re here now. Don’t settle down. We’ve got to get going. It’s a busy day and we’re going to have loads of fun. High Five.